Shipping Policies


    1. All orders have a handling time of 1-2 business days regardless of what shipping service is chosen. Weekends and federal holidays are not considered business days.
    2. The transit time quoted at checkout with your chosen shipping service is the number of business days that your product will be in transit with the shipping carrier after your item has been shipped. The transit times do not include the 1-2 business days handling time allowing for us to pick, pack and ship your order. In most cases with most carriers weekends and federal holidays are not considered business days. 
    3. All orders placed after 5:00pm CST will be counted as being placed the following business day. 
    4. Please see information below on Thursday, Friday, and weekend shipments.


    1. Any single order over $49.00 qualifies.
    2. The $49.00 threshold must be reached before taxes and after any additional discounts.
    3. Free shipping is available to the 50 US states only.
    4. International, APO/FPO/DPO, and US territory orders are not eligible for free shipping and all shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.
    5. The most economical shipping option will be used when the free shipping option is chosen. In most cases a 4-5 day standard shipping option will be used for the 48 contiguous states; however, in a few cases a longer shipping method might be used for larger or heavier orders and orders going to Alaska or Hawaii.


    1. Ice packed shipping options are available April 15th through October 15th. For a more detailed explanation of what options are available please see our Warm Weather FAQ page.
    2. It is highly recommended that you purchase an expedited shipping option in addition to thermal packaging to increase the likelihood that your order will arrive unmelted. Neither the ice packs nor thermal envelopes are designed to last the 4-5 days that standard shipping may take to arrive. In most cases and especially during warm weather months the ice packs will last at most two days and will not last past 3 days when packed with thermal envelopes. 
    3. Thermal envelopes, gel ice packs and expedited shipping are measures meant to increase the likelihood that your order will arrive intact and unmelted; however, due to the multiple variables in shipping we do not provide a guarantee that any products using any service or packaging will arrive unmelted. However, If you purchase UPS 2nd day, Overnight, or Next Day service along with ice packs and thermal envelopes and your order still arrives melted please contact us and we will work with you on a resolution.
    4. For warm weather packaging we recommend using cool-shield temperature reflective envelope(s) with frozen gel pack(s).
    5. In many cases more than one item can be included in each thermal envelope when the size of the items allows.
    6. In some cases the size of the item ordered is too large to fit in our insulated envelopes. When a situation like this arises we will contact you before shipping your order if the temperatures at your location are warm enough to cause concern.


    1. Orders containing meltable items being shipped to a warm location that are placed on Thursday, Friday, and weekends will be held for shipment on Monday so as to minimize the amount of time your package will spend in an un-climate controlled warehouse or transfer facility.
    2. Orders containing a mixture of meltable and non-meltable items will not be shipped separately. If your order contains any meltable items at all and is being shipping to a warm destination then the whole order will be held until Monday.
    3. You are more than welcome to include a message with your order stating specifically that you would not like your order held until Monday and that you are willing to take the risk and accept your order in whatever condition it might arrive in. We are happy to ship your order immediately; however, please understand that we can't guarantee your order's arrival condition and won't accept returns or damage claims. 
    4. If you purchase upgraded expedited shipping your order will be shipped on Thursday or Friday as long as it will arrive by Saturday and not sit over the weekend. 


    1. International, APO/FPO/DPO, & US Territory shipments are NOT eligible for the free shipping offer.
    2. International, APO/FPO/DPO, & US Territory shipping will be calculated at checkout.
    3. If you believe that the shipping for your order is not being calculated correctly please contact
    4. International, APO/FPO/DPO, & US Territory shipments are not guaranteed against melting. It is likely that your package will pass through multiple modes of transportation and multiple facilities all of which bear a likelihood of not being climate controlled. 
    5. All customs fees, duties, taxes and other expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. Five and Dime Sweets does NOT include any of these additional expenses in the purchase and/or shipping price. 
    6. Tracking is unavailable for many international destinations. Please allow 2 weeks and in some cases up to 4 weeks for your package to arrive.